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Ice bins for bars, restaurants, hospitals, casinos, and more!

Our Story

Curt Jarmer, the owner of THE JARMER ICE 911, invented the JARMER BASKETS AND BINS in hopes of providing a simple solution to various problems in bars, restaurants, and BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS.

 One day, when he was at a bar, the ice used in mixing drinks was CONTAMINATED, making people leave to move to another bar.  Apparently, they did not have the patience to wait since the workers and the owners of the bar could not find a quick solution to solve the problem and continue serving the customers.  Sometimes, during the rush the Bartender runs into a back room and comes out with a bucket of ice.  WHAT WAS IN THE BUCKET…?  A MOP ?  THE JARMER ICE BASKETS AND BINS ARE CLEANED AS THE CUSTOMER WATCHES, ASSURING NO DOUBT OF CLEAN, FRESH ICE.  WITH STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCT DESIGN.  SANITARY.

 This made Mr. Jarmer’s design of ICE BIN SOLUTIONS that will QUICKLY RESOLVE problems like this.

We are very proud to introduce the best bar ice bin in the world which also provides the best solution to all your ice storage problems. Our stainless steel ice bin will never disappoint you as they have all the features and qualities you will need from a quality ice bin for bar.

CURT JARMER – Inventor

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